Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated Lowari Tunnel Pakistan longest tunnel

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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated Lowari Tunnel, Pakistan longest 10.75 KM tunnel opened for traffic

Four hours travelling time reduced to 15 mints for Chitral and Dir due to the construction of Lowari Tunnel and fuel cost reduced too. Lowari pass was the most dangerous road; more than 8000 people were died while crossing the Lowari Top. This tunnel is life line for Chitralies (people of Chitral).

Now Lowari tunnel is opened for public use. It is completed with total cost of Rs.21 billion. In fact the construction was originally begun in September 1975 as railway tunnels, but work was stopped in 1976 due to non-allocation of funds. But construction resumed in September, 2005. Later plan was converted from railway tunnels to road tunnels. Lowari Tunnel will provide round the clock traveling facility to the people of Chitral even during the harsh winter season when it is impossible to travel through Lowari top.

Lowari Tunnel would certainly be a true blessing for people of Chitral and those who visiting those areas. It will provide travel in all weathers, this was the long standing of the people of Chitral because in travel was impossible during the winter season, and Chitral was cut off with other part of the country  in snowfall months.

Lowari Tunnel is inaugurated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on 20 July 2017. In inauguration ceremony of this mega project, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visit Chitral with other ministers to open Lowari Tunnel for public.

Prime minister said that “this project was started in 1976 but we are the one who finished it”

This project is game changer for Chitral, it will generate employment opportunities for locals and promote tourism industry, he added.

Prime Minister further added that he aim to construct roads, Development projects, Universities and Power projects to make Chitral equal to Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

Lowari Tunnel

Timing to use Lowari Tunnel for travel:

Day Time: 1030-1330 (3 hours)

Night Time: 0800-0500 (9 hours)

Lowari Pass is one of the most dangerous land routes in the world. Fatal accidents are frequently reported there. The road is also deteriorated. It is very dangerous to negotiate with the acute curves on the sky-high mountains. But this is the only route leading to Chitral, which too remains blocked for at least three months in winter due to heavy snowfall, cutting off the district from the rest of the country.

Photo of Lowari Top During Snow Fall In Winter Season 

Lowari Tunnel

Photo of Newly Constructed Lowari Tunnel: 

Lowari Tunnel