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Jobs vacancies in Different Chinese Companies CPEC Pakistan (Engineers to Labours):

China Dream Culture is an Chinese Government Institute working in Pakistan to promote Chines culture in Pakistan.  Main Objectives of China Dream Culture is to facilitate Chines Companies in Pakistan. Main focus of the institute is to teach different Chinese language courses (Basic and HSK levels). Because Chinese language is much important to get job and work with Chinese. Chinese companies are hiring Pakistani technical staff who can speak and understand Basic Chinese for successful completion of different projects under China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in different regions of Pakistan.

As it is a worldwide phenomenon that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Initiative is set to change the economic and political dynamics not only in our country, but a game changer for the whole region.

As we know that CPEC is a combination of projects and mostly Chinese companies are working. With Chinese influence spreading across the country and globally many reason why you should learn Chinese language

1) US$ 65 Billion of Chinese Investment is flowing into Pakistan in terms of developing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Giving yourself the ‘Chinese Edge’ will automatically provide you a head-start in the emerging business arena.

2) With only of handful of people knowing Mandarin Chinese, adding this skill to your résumé can make you an attractive hire for local as well as international employers. As China is a huge market, business leaders are looking for candidates who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context.

3) Presence of a dynamic Chinese diaspora around the globe is sure to unlock a tremendous amount of opportunities for those who are able to communicate with them.

4) Being a trade leader globally, China is also a vital trade partner for Pakistan; and given the increased momentum of development on CPEC having known how of Chinese Language will unravel extraordinary prospects for growth in Business and trading opportunities, both locally and internationally.

Keeping in view the immense importance of learning the most widely spoken language around the world, we glade to arrange different Chinese language Courses.

Chinese Language Courses Detail:

All Courses will teach by qualified Chinese teacher

Two months basic Chinese course: 

This is 2 months basic language course for beginners to learn the basic of Chinese Language. Fee for 2 month is Rs-10000/- Monday to Friday, 3 hours Class in a day in China Dream Culture Islamabad.  

Special Classes: 

Evening and Weekend classes in different timings can be negotiate with teacher

HSK Levels:

Duration for the HSK-3 level is 4 months and fee is 20000/month.

Study in China:

For Study in China Preparatory course is offered by institute. To get fully funded scholarship for study in China must pass HSK levels. This course will help to provide scholarship for study abroad in China.

Address: Office No: 25, 2nd floor, Al-Anayat Plaza, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

Contacts: 051-874-0241, 0312-503-9551, 0301-896-9669

Managing Director: Shu Lei

Executive Director: Liu Bin

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