Pakistan’s Special Task Force-88

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Sea Guardians, Pakistan’s Special CPEC Task Force 88 for Maritime Security:

While the Pakistan security forces put together the all-out efforts to materialize the progression, India cannot help itself keeping it far from the CPEC and it has been maneuvering espionage activities to subvert this ambitious joint venture. On November 14, 2016 an indian submarine was detected in that was sleuthing close to Pakistani waters and shooed it away intrepidly from Pakistan’s EEZ and extension of continental shelf. In such situation Pakistan and China decide a special CPEC Task Force 88.

The challenges and threats to both Gawdar and CPEC have increased, and security is essential prerequisite for CPEC, after this Indian steerage, the Establishment of Pakistan’s Special Task Force-88 (TF-88) on December 13, 2016, exclusively for maritime security of Gawadar Port. This step is taken for the china Pakistan economic corridor CPEC. Main focus of This special maritime forces to ensure the Pakistan’s water security, and has been set up after the work had already begun on CPEC project.

CPEC Task Force 88

It has been greed in consignment that task forces will be equipped and financed by china, just the way it is financed, designed and built, now operates the Gawadar port.

 Task Force (TF 88) will work jointly with the special security division (SSD) that has been established to protect the CPEC project. Pakistan navy is ensuring safe and secure maritime environment.  Pakistan’s Navy is mainly and deeply embedded in the maritime operation of CPEC as it will be required to shoulder greater responsibilities to ensure the projection of growing maritime trade and to provide security to the Pakistan’s sea lanes.

An international maritime conference on CPEC commissioned for CPEC task Forces 88, the first held at Gawadar, was accompanied by announcement of the objective: For “Protection of associated sea lanes against both conventional and non-traditional threats”.

Task force (TF-88) is to comprise ships, advance technologies, aircraft, fast attack craft, drones, advance weapons and protection assets. And marines would be deployed at sea and around Gawadar for security operations.


CPEC Task Force 88

CPEC will providing many job opportunities to the young Pakistani youth

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