KP Signs MOUs for 82 projects worth around Rs 24 billion with China Companies

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In CPEC projects Road Show in China, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government signed 82 memorandums of understanding MOUs for 82 projects worth of Rs 24 billion with china companies during road show (KECRS), Said by KP chief minister Pervize Khattak on Tuesday.

He said that these projects would change the destiny of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Some of CPEC projects in Road Show are given below:

  • 11 energy projects
  • 7 housing projects
  • 12 industries
  • 7 information technology
  • 4 local governments
  • 3 mines and minerals
  • 9 highways
  • 2 Agricultures
  •  3 cultural
  • 19 higher educations
  •  1 urban development
  • 3 WSSP projects

CPEC projects Road Show

Chief Minister said that these CPEC Projects would soon see the light of the day; in addition the KP government has signed three projects worth of 10 billion dollars with Frontier works organization (FWO). It would play great rule in prosperity of the province. These projects will create CPEC Jobs in different sectors for young skillful youth of the province.

Many CPEC projects are under construction, Karak Oil refinery, Haripur Cement Factory, 600 MW of electricity project, Kalam Express way and two housing schemes are included in these projects.

Greater circular railway project, Peshawar mass transit, industrial park, Energy Projects, D.I.Khan economic zone, cargo rail, alternate CPEC rout form Gilgit to Chitral, Dir and Chakdara, greater water supply scheme for Peshawar, 500 KW of grid station at Darosh and Chakdara, Technology City Rashakay Nowshera, IT projects and Mansehra Economic Zone are prominent CPEC Projects among 82 CPEC projects Road Show.

The government would get a share up to 10 per cent without sharing a single penny in the projects. By this yardstick these projects and agreements were historic in nature, said by CM Khattak during his talk to CPEC projects Road Show.

CPEC projects Road Show

He said that he supervised the work to prepare 100 projects to show case them by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government in the Beijing Road Show.

Solar Kit for Schools and Hospitals:  Chief Minister said that the province was not feasible but the CPEC made it feasible, and he had alredy singed project if 10 thousand solar kits for schools and 400 solar kits for hospitals. He said that these projects will complete transparently.

There were both nature of projects Government to Government and Government to Private, 90 private companies participated in the Road Show on their own cost. KP Government will only facilitate them.

At last CM Parvize said that “ we would not take loans that would over burden the resource base of the province”.

General View on CPEC Projects Road Show:

CPEC has generated much euphoria of prosperity in Pakistan. Legions of CPEC experts have dominated talk shows. Many of them know that it is the best sellable proposition as well as the opportunity to gain fame and fortune without much pain.

CPEC will change the whole shape of the country, as a nation we have never united on national development projects. But it CPEC magic seems to have worked at least In building a national narrative of prosperity and change.

This road show and MOUs of 82 Projects are a map rout to the prosperity of the country in general and in KP province particular.