CPEC Progress Reporting of Different Projects

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CPEC Progress Reporting of Different Projects:

2200 MW Nuclear 2 Power Plants in Karachi to start generating by end of next year with cost $ 9 Billion under CPEC. The work on two Karachi nuclear power projects with cumulative capacity of 2200 megawatts is under CPEC. Similarly, work on 1320 Megawatts coal based power plants at port Qasim in Karachi, 1320 megawatts coal based power project in Thar coal field is also underway “CPEC Progress Report”.

CPEC Progress

CPEC Power project of Bhikki Power Plant has been work done 84 % , PM of Pakistan, Muhammah Nawaz Shareef visited the 1180 MW Bhikki Power Plant at Sheikhupura on Wednesday to monitor CPEC progress of Energy Projects. Bhikki Power Plant is a gas powered plant with a total capacity of 1180 MW that will be fully operational by the end of 2018. So far 84% work has been completed and the plant will be initially producing 716 MW before summer, this year. Haveli Bahadur Shah project has also been completed.

CPEC Energy Project

CPEC Eastern Route Security Project, New security cameras are working for secure travelling at Lahore Islamabad Motorway M-2. FWO 3 Control and command centers for 357 km Lahore Islamabad Motorway M-2. Sheikhupura, Behaira and Islamabad.

CPEC security project, cpec camera

Lahore Metro Train development work done 65% of the civil work of the project from Dera Gujjran, G.T Road to Chauburji had been completed, 50% of the work on Package-2 (P-2) from Chauburji to Ali Town had been completed, and 56% of the work on the Depot near Dera Gujjran had been completed.

CPEC ProjectsCPEC Progress

Islamabad Airport Link:Construction of Road From Thalian near Chakri on Lahore Islamabad Motorway M-2 to New Islamabad International Airport Including slip Roads Updated Project Progress Pictures.

In Addition, According To The PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), Pakistan to become 16th largest economy by 2050, Pakistan to surpass Canada’s economy by 2050, Pakistan will become the 20th largest economy by 2030. As Pakistan ranked at 24 in 2016 and its GDP-PPP was close to $988 billion PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of world’s biggest management consultancy firms, said in a report. According to the report, Pakistan ranked at 24 in 2016 and its GDP-PPP was close to $988 billion. By 2030, the GDP-PPP will reach $1,868 billion.
By 2050, the GDP-PPP is expected to exceed $4,236 billion, the report stated.
The professional services firm in its report said that Pakistan’s yearly GDP growth till 2050 would average 4.4 percent and per capita growth is expected to be at 2.9 percent.

New Islamabad Airport to be ready for operation in July: 

The New Islamabad International Airport is going to be completed by July this year with revised estimated cost of Rs 82 billion and It will inaugurate this state of the art facility on 14 August 2017.

CPEC Progress, Islamabad Airport CPEC Progress, Islamabad Airport

Articles in details of Security For CPEC are here…

Trade Route of Central Asia

The Khojak Tunnel ( Shela Bagh Tunnel name with shela dancer mith or reality ) is a 3.91 km railway tunnel in Qilla Abdullah District of , Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan at Chaman. It is located 1,945 m above sea level.
The tunnel was constructed in 1891 under the Khojak Pass and remains one of the longest tunnels in South Asia, and the longest in Pakistan. It is expected to be surpassed in length by the 8.75 km Lowari Tunnel, currently under construction, in 2017. 

Construction work of 296 km Hyderabad-Sukkur Motorway is likely to start before June 2017. Interchange name and map finalized. Kairpur, Larkana Khair pur Road,Gadji N5.Mehrab Pur, Bhiria Road, Paddian, Daur ,Nawab shah, Shadad Pur, Tando Adam, Oderolal , Matiari, N5 , 55,M9

CPEC Projects

NHA approved for detailed design for dualization of 164 Km Gambila to Kohat Section of Indus Highway, up-gradation and improvement of Jand-Kohat Section (63 Km), and a new link from Jand to Pindi Gheb (23 Km), thus connecting N-80 with CPEC Western Route D I Khan Islamabad Motorway. The meeting also accorded approval for construction of 16-Lane Islamabad Toll Plaza on Motorway Peshawar Islamabad Motorway M-1.

Stock Exchange:

Made a strong hallow round the Stock Exchange . the market rates of the multi national companies products demand is higher. Rupees first time cross the 70℅ faster business. Karachi and Lahore market levels rises with every moment. the busiest work recorded tonight.
The rupee remained stable against the dollar at 104.4/104.6 in the inter-bank market on Tuesday compared to Monday’s close of 104.4/104.6. The currency market has fluctuated regularly in recent months with hefty rises and falls on some occasions. In the long run, however, the rupee has stood firm after experiencing extensive volatility, when it weakened from around Rs98 to a dollar to above Rs103 in the wake of political impasse over alleged election rigging. Earlier, the rupee remained glued to the Rs98 level for months, recovering from the historic low of Rs110. It came under pressure following heavy debt repayments to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other creditors, which ate into the central bank’s foreign currency reserves. In 2013-14, the reserves, however, swelled more than 50%, thanks to IMF and other assistance and growing remittances sent home by overseas Pakistanis.

FATA Development, Tunnel Project near to completion:

The project envisages widening and improvement of 42 km long road including construction of a 751 m long tunnel to bypass difficult mountainous terrain.To overcome the steep gradient and sharp curve on Ghallani – Mohamand Ghat Rd, 751 Mtr long tunnel is constructed. The tunnel will not only facilitate the local population by making the journey faster and safer, but shall also ease out the traffic flow specially loaded trucks of goods to the markets of Peshawar & Islamabad. (cpec progress).

CPEC Progress of Projects

CPEC Silk Route: view of Babusar Top Road (N-15):

Newly construct 66 Kilometer two lane highway stretched from Jalkhad to Chilas. It traverses through Babusar Top linking Naran Valley with Indus Valley. The Road will serve as an alternate route of Karakoram Highway and reduce the distance from Rawalpindi to Gilgit by 75 Kilometers. The new roadway will cut travel time along the route upto 10 hours, boosting trade and tourism. Respect for the local community and environment are among the top concerns on the Jalkhad Chilas Road Project. Thinking locally makes good environmental as well as business sense, and will leave a positive legacy of economic growth and a stronger skill base in the region.

Another project under China Pakistan Economic Corridor is Under construction 892 km Ratodero (Larkana) Khuzdar Gwadar Motorway (M-8) at Wangu Hills cutting (400 meter length and 150 depth).It will be completed in March 2017.


Govt provides Rs 25 Billion for construction of lowari Tunnel ,The project would be completed in next four months.
The federal government has provided twenty-five billion rupees for construction of Lowari Tunnel during last three years.
According to the CPEC Officials this project would be completed and opened to all kind of traffic. It would give free access to the people of Chitral who remain disconnected from rest of the country in extreme weather conditions. Meanwhile, 106MW Golan-Gol Hydro Power Project in Chitral district is also under construction. Its completion would facilitate establishment of industrial units and keep would eradicate poverty in the areas. “CPEC Progress”

Lowari Tunnel the lifeline of Chitral is ready for opening on July 2017. Road users cross it in 9 minutes, Before It took at least four hours for cross the Lowari Pass via the back-breaking road towards Chitral,Lowari Pass is one of the most dangerous land routes in the world.

Final touches are being given to the project. Workers can be seen busy round the clock inside the tunnel and its outer parts on both the sides of the mountain.

lowari tunnel-CPEC Progress

lowari tunnel-CPEC Progress

Pakistan Internet System is Now Connected with World’s largest Submarine System.:

Pakistan Internet System Now Connected with World’s largest Submarine System with design capacity of at least 40 Terabits per second across 5 fiber pairs as AAE-1. AAE-1links different countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. Furthermore, In Pakistan, PTCL will operate and manage this cable. Internet connectivity on CPEC route will be more faster and the new technologies in this part of Silk Road Project in Pakistan.

CPEC progress


To know more about CPEC Progress and projects visit CPEC Projects


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