CPEC Jobs | 2 million direct and indirect Jobs would be added under CPEC projects.

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You might have heard a lot about China Pakistan Economic Corridor and how it will change the fate of the country. And how CPEC Jobs will bring change for young Pakistanis.  But is it all that you need to know? Certainly Not! Lets try and learn a bit more than what we already know about the project.

You must have been taught about the old silk route in primary school and how it was core to the trade that took place in the region in ancient times. Lets just say that today we are witnessing the revival of old silk route. As part of China’s “One Belt, One Road” project to connect Asia, Europe and the Middle East, CPEC plays a vital role of adding the Asian Sub-continent to the project.

The corridor is being developed to bring about an economic boom not only in the Xinjiang Province of China but also Pakistan where the project is basically being worked on. The corridor ends at Gawadar Deep Sea Port, Balochistan. Beyond the port lie trade opportunities that were always sought by the Central Asian countries and which the West never wanted China or Russia to get.

No wonder Pakistan is the target of so destabilization policy of the neighbours and the whole of the Western Bloc. What actually should have happened according to the West was that China should have been denied trade through the South China Sea that would kill of the competition to U.S.A. Investments were made in huge amounts to somehow endanger China’s economic growth.

But Pakistan has provided the outlet that China needed and all the planning against it has gone to waste. It should now be easy to understand how an unstable Balochistan is what benefits countries in the West and especially India.

As part of the corridor, many power projects will be constructed and we hope that the country’s power crisis will finally end. The main aims of the corridor are of economic nature and that means that the country will be welcoming investment worth millions of dollars and much needed employment for the youth in the country. The corridor is expected add an additional 3-4% of GDP growth when it is fully performing its functions.

It will be completed in 3 segments and the 3 segments are based on the short-term, medium-term and long-term goals that are to be achieved through the project. All that is needed is some confidence and patience and we will soon be seeing the effects of stronger relations with China and the other countries that can potentially benefit from the project.

It is expecting that over 2 million(20,00,000) direct and indirect  CPEC Jobs would be added under CPEC projects:

As Pak China Economic Corridor is not just a road link but it having many projects Energy Projects, Railways and Highways. Many CPEC projects are under constructions and Some projects of them are in completion stage. It will Create opportunities for young Pakistani youth, skill full people and business holders. It is expecting that CPEC Projects will play great role in Economy of Pakistan.

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CPEC Security Jobs :

Government of Pakistan facing challenges and threats to both Gawdar and CPEC have increased, and security is essential prerequisite for CPEC. KP Govt approves special security force for CPEC to insure security and efforts to materialize the progression for completion of different projects under Pak china Corriror. AS India don’t want to complete CPEC projects installation successfully. On November 14, 2016 an Indian submarine was detected. In such situation Pakistan and China decide a special CPEC Task Force 88  for  sea security supporting by Chinese Government. And for internal security Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government approved special security forces.
KP government will purchase equipment, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, worth Rs 1.2 billion,the special CPEC Security force will comprise of 4200 security personnel at an initial stage.

 Selection for Security of CPEC in KP will creat Security Jobs opportunities for KP youth to become part of the CPEC Security