CPEC Energy project, Power Generation projects in Pakistan under CPEC to overcome Energy Crisis

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pak china economic corridor

Pak China Economic Corridor:

In china Pakistan economic corridor, total 20 power generation projects in all provinces of Pakistan and AJK. Chinese government proposed investment of around $33.45 Billion in Pakistan’s energy sector. The national grid will be strengthened with around 16,700MW of electricity after the completion of cpec energy projects under pak china economic corridor.

Pakistan has facing more than 40 percent gap in electricity demand and generation, demand in Peak summer 24,000MW against power generation of less than 1600MW, the government, considering the electricity needs of the consumers, has divided the project into two categories, one of them is CPEC- Energy priority projects of around 10,000MW with completion dates in 2017-18, the other cpec energy projects Actively promoted of around 6,700MW with completion dates in 2019-20 and onwards. Among Punjab five projects and some are in officials discussion fear the projects might hit delays. Some of the energy generation projects at different locations in Pakistan are, Sahiwal Coal- fired power plant of 1320MW, Rahim yar khan Coal power project of 1320MW, Quaid-i- Azam solar park Bahawalpur of 720MW.

Include the above said projects, chinese government has agreed to construct gas power plant of 525MW in Pakistan with cost of roundabout $550 million. Place of construction for this plant has yet to be decided. The construction of Matiari to Lahore transmission line and Matiari to Faisalabad transmission line to interlink, Strengthen the country’s electricity system and improve transmission system with $3 billion cost.

Sahiwal Coal- fired power plant is being built with as cost of $1.6 billion and it will produce 1320MW after completion. The first unit of this project will all set to the end of June 2017 and will operational. A china group of Huaneng Shandong Rui is the project executing agency and Punjab power development board is the supervisor of this project. This plant will run on Coal which is imported from south Africa for trial base the first consignment of 43,999 tons was unloaded at port Qasim a week earlier, it is shows that the government of Pakistan be in hurries to make the plant operational even before June.

Two CPEC Energy Projects in Rahim Yar Khan and Muzaffargarh with each capacity of 1320MW and combine investment of $3.2 billion are supervised by the power development board Punjab and its executing agencies are Shanghai Electric Power Generations, china machinery Engineering and Nishat Power Company. Hanenergy and QA solar power company are the main sponsors of the Quaid- i- Azam solar park Bahawalpure.

One of the project has been completed in by Tebian Electric Apparatus, a subsidiary of Xinjiang SunOasis, this project was about 100MW and the remaining 900MW capacity will be installed by Zonergy under the CPEC Carbon emissions are expected to be 90750 tons less than if the 1000MW of electricity were generated by conventional fossil fuel sources. One of another project of the 300MW will be connected to the national grid before end of 2017.

Hydropower Karot station with installed capacity of 720MW will be built on river Jehlum with cost of $1.4 billion. This project is executing by China Three Gorges Corporation and M Technologies, The project is located on joint area of AJK and Punjab. With completion of this all projects Pakistan hopes that there Energy crises could be overcome and CPEC will bring prosperity.

pak china economic corridor

To know more about CPEC Projects

CPEC Energy Projects, MW RLNG Balloki Power Plant:

The Balloki Power Plant is a 1,223 MW natural gas power plant currently under construction near Pattoki, in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Groundbreaking was commenced on November 11, 2015, and construction is scheduled for completion by December 2017.The project will utilize regasified liquefied natural gas (RLNG) for fuel, with diesel as an alternate backup.

cpec energy projects

CPEC Jobs | 2 million direct and indirect Jobs would be added under CPEC projects.

Chashma 4 nuclear power plants

340 MW Chashma-4 nuclear power plant would be started generation to the national grid by May 2017. It will overcome the energy crisis in Pakistan. As there are so many industrial zone in Pakistan Under China Pakistan Economic Corridor, In different location of Pakistan, it will required more power to operate thies industries. the subject nuclear plants will be able to provide much power for comercial and industrial use of power in future.
Chashma Nuclear power plants is consist of four units given below

  • Chashma 1 325 MW operational 2000
  • Chashma 2 325 MW operational 2011
  • Chashma 3 340 MW operational 2016
  • Chashma 4 340 MW May 2017

A view of all four units of Chasma Nuclear Power Plants ,Pakistan China Friendship Symbol

cpec energy projects

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