Manpower in different projects of CPEC

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China Dream Culture Islamabad:

As you know that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a combination of different projects in Pakistan with a total investment of 60 billion dollars, which is seen catapulting the country’s GDP growth to 7.5%, by Estimation CPEC will create more than 2 million direct and indirect jobs in different CPEC Projects in Pakistan, especially for skilled manpower and educated youth of the country, officials said on Saturday. While un-educated and even common men can also get benefit from these projects and the infrastructure.

Sindh government and public-sector universities focus to produce skilled manpower for CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) in order to get more benefits of employment opportunities from different projects.

Experts attached great importance to CPEC, saying that it is a game-changer not only for Pakistan but a key to economic development and prosperity for the entire region.

The government of Pakistan has planned to take number of steps for vocational training of the workforce in line with the CPEC projects, “National Vocational and Technical Training Commission is currently providing training to the youth in thirty eight CPEC-specific trades in one hundred and ninety seven institutes across the country. The NAVTCC is also planning to add Chinese Language Course in the next phase.”

Communication medium is most important for any flat form and Chinese language is the basic communication medium through both countries can get benefit from each other. Pakistani government is seriously working on it and total of 28 public and private universities are also offering Chinese language courses.

Chinese are also getting interest to learn Pakistani national language Urdu in different institutions in China while many Chinese students are studying in Pakistan.

Some universities were setting up special centers for culture exchange to facilitate interested students. These centers will help to provide skilled full manpower to different CPEC projects in the country.

For the aim of Chinese culture promotion in Pakistan, Chinese government also working in Pakistan. China Dream Culture is a Chinese government organization to promote Chinese culture in Pakistan. This organization is working in Pakistan since 2016 in capital of Pakistan. Here Chinese language could be thought and help people to go China for many purposes. Institute is also responsible to organize different cultural activities across the country.

Institute focus on Chinese language to skill full youth of the country so that they can work in Chinese companies working in CPEC. Chinese language are thought b professional Chinese teachers and supervised by Chinese staff. Everyone can learn Chinese language here. China Dream Culture is now working in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad but planned to open campuses across the country.


Chinese Manpower IndustryChinese Manpower Industry

Chinese Manpower Industry

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