China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC is a Game Changer for the Region

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China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC: 

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC is a game changer for the region and especially for Pakistan that has too long been embroiled in the war on terrorism in fast and still continue, which effect the economic growth of the country. CPEC could change the economic map of Asia. The shift in attention from pacific rim to south Asia may be happening at last.

CPEC will definitely benefit Pakistan, as the cost of the whole scheme, that is direct investment of china has constantly been going been up considering it started from USD 40 Billion. Some ongoing development projects as well as some new ones are being started in two provinces, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sind in Pakistan.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor will generate thousands of new jobs in Pakistan for skill holders, economists, bankers, information experts, engineers and much more.

Gawadar Port:

Main theme of this project by china government to link china with deep water port of Gawadar and the port of Karachi in Pakistan. It is expected to be a new trade route for the region. There are nearly 200 projects related to CPEC in the future to improve the infrastructure of the both countries and some of the other countries in the region, because it comes out that other countries having interest in this project, Iran looking forward  to be the part of this project.

The world had been watching the developments talking place in this region for more than a decade. As we know that china is the world second largest economic country and a force to reckon with.

CPEC is the part of china’s ONE- BUILT- ONE- ROAD (OBOR) plan which aims to link china with Europe, Africa and Middle East. The main focus of the chinese leadership to improve trade in all over the world. And deep sea has important role in international trade, so what was envisioned by chinese leadership has started happening. The direct rout from kashgar to gawadar is a reality now. In November the first chinese ship left the port of gawadar with containers filled with goods from east china. With this rout china will get access to the central Asia international market for trade. Central Asian states would have access to the world through this port of Pakistan.

china pakistan economic corridor

                          CPEC Gawadar Port

It is time to stand-off with the USA:

China has disputes with Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and other countries. Al- ready USA President Donald Trump has pulled the USA out of the trans-Pacipic partnership, which has an alliance made against growing clout. CPEC rout for shipping china’s goods to the rest of the world thus the grant project is not vital only for Pakistan but important for china and for region.

Many countries were shown interest in CPEC. UK and Germany have wanted to be the part of this project and Iran has also wished to join this. India and Afganistan could benefit the most if they lose this chance they could be the loser in this biggest game.

China has secured exclusive rights to run Gawadar port fir the next 40 years, if there is change in governments of both countries, it will not affect Gwadar.

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